Courtney Faasen shows her study material.

Courtney Faasen shows her study material.

As finals are approaching quickly, these 10 sophomores share their methods for studying. As it is stressful, taking finals and doing well on them all can be done with the right motivation and study tactics.

How do you like to study for finals?

1. Rachel Ferguson: If my teacher puts on study quizzes, I do those until I get them all right.

2. Hiram Nganga: Go over the chapter that I did really bad on.

3. Isaiah Wilkes: I look over the material and make flashcards.

4. Lauryn Dukes: I review all of my old homework and notes. Most of my teachers have final review packets and I review those.

5. Kaitlyn Kelly: I usually study at night alone in my room and listen to classical music. It may sound nerdy but it helps me concentrate. Finals may be a stressful time, I always get through it with very few mental breakdowns and lots of Beethoven on repeat.

6. Leslie Azwell: I usually wait until the day before to do the review packet a couple of times. The less I do, the less stressed I will be and it might sound counterintuitive, but it is the most effective method for me to make good grades.

7. Roma Khurana: Quizlets!

8. Lexi Lambros: I like to review all of my notes and worksheets I’ve done in each class, and I like to complete the final review packet if the teacher gives one.

9. Victoria Lofland: I spend hours studying for finals, it feels like they will never end but, when the tests come it is like flying full speed down a rollercoaster.

10. Courtney Faasen: To study for finals, I check all my grades and figure out where I want to be in each class. When I know which classes will be the hardest for me to reach my goal, I spend more time studying for their final. I go over notes and old papers and see what specific skills I need to work. Then I choose practice problems to do that help me with the skills I need to work on.

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