Dressing the part of a Queen for Spirit Week

Taylor Hays

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The week before Homecoming is all about putting yourself out there, decorating yourself with a whole lot of school spirit. Hence the name: Spirit Week.

Everyone looks forward to coming to school and showing off their costumes each day, but the girls on Homecoming Court don’t get to do that. Each day of the week, the Court Nominees have to dress up. Not in pajamas or princess dresses, but in actual nice clothes –  along with a tiara and a sash.

Freshman Mollie Emerick, one of the members of court, said, “I don’t mind dressing up. It was fun the first day, but a bunch of people were mad that I didn’t wear pajamas before they found out I was on court.”

Dressing up every day of the week for most girls means a lack of sleep, most having to wake up at 5 a.m. to do their hair and makeup, but Emerick said she thinks it will be enjoyable.

As for everyone else, Spirit Week will continue to go on. The days are as follows:

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: Disney Day

Wednesday: Crazy Sock/Sweater Day

Thursday: Duck Dynasty/Camo Day

Friday: Class Color Day

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Dressing the part of a Queen for Spirit Week