A homecoming interview with Mr. Broyles

Brandon Dobbs

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In honor of homecoming, I thought it would be interesting to see how some of our staff’s high school homecomings went. I sat down with Mr. Broyles and asked him a few questions about his homecoming experience.

What was your most memorable homecoming experience?

It was either my freshman or sophomore year, I don’t remember which one, but I went with a group of my friends and two of them decided to push down a decorative tree, for whatever reason I don’t know why, and they got kicked out.”

Did you ask anybody to your homecoming in any special way?

“No, I hadn’t developed my mojo quite yet.”

What was your favorite thing about your homecoming?

“I liked the assembly, the pep rally. I always thought those were cool and fun to go to.”

Now that you look back and also see how homecomings are now, would you go back and change anything about your homecoming experience?

“I would at least attend the football games, that’s one thing I wish I would’ve done.”

Final question, do you think we’re going to win our football game?

“Heck yes!”

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A homecoming interview with Mr. Broyles