Students have many different holiday traditions

Ben Rutledge

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Photo of Camille and her family celebrating NocheBuena!

Many students and faculty are used to the same Holiday traditions every year with their families. Countless people have relived some traditions every year, while others take on a different approach this winter. Some student’s practices are far from your average traditions, while others keep their rituals alive. Here are some interesting Holiday plans that are soon to come.

“My favorite Christmas tradition was when my grandma planned little games for us to play with my brothers and sisters,” stated Junior Sarah Mohrmann. For many students like Mohrmann, some traditions are much more common then others. While Mohrmann enjoys spending time with her family playing exciting games her grandmother made herself, others are upholding traditions handed down generation from generation.

One student that takes a different approach towards holiday tradition is Camille Hernandez. “My family and I usually open presents and eat a big meal. We serve the meal at midnight as a celebration that Christmas is here, it’s called NocheBuena. That’s something different that I love to do.” It is interesting to compare different holiday traditions with different nationalities and religions. Camille moved to America four years ago, and stated her ethnicity is Philapino. Camille and her family have taken on many typical American customs, including their holiday traditions.

In comparison to Camille’s interesting tradition, Senior Nora Youssef has a very different approach to this upcoming holiday. “Because my family and I are Muslim, we don’t celebrate Christmas, Easter, or thanksgiving. Around August we celebrate Eid-El-Adha. Youssef explained that this holiday is where they sacrifice a lamb and then feed it to their friends, family, and the needy. We celebrate our prophets in mid November as well.” Obviously, holiday traditions are generally based off of nationality and what you believe in. For Hernandez and Youssef, their traditions are not as common as the rest of Pattonville’s. Although they will have their annual tradition, many students like Mohrmann will simply enjoy spending quality time with her family around the Christmas tree, and enjoy opening their exciting presents.


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Students have many different holiday traditions