Weather causes some students to arrive late at school

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Weather causes some students to arrive late at school

PattonvilleTODAY staff

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Slippery roads on Thursday, Jan. 16, caused senior Candice Heinz to be late to school.

While her normal route to school takes just 10 minutes, it took her 4 times that amount to pull into Pattonville High School’s parking lot.

“I got in my car at 6:50 a.m. and got to school at 7:30 a.m.”

She had to find a new route out of her neighborhood because several roads in her neighborhood were backed up or blocked but arrived to school 7 minutes after the starting time.

“My road was blocked because of snow and police were stopped there because there was an accident,” Heinz said. “There were a lot of police cars and I had to find a new route.”

Heinz said her small, white Kia was not affected by any black ice but “my tires kept slipping and sliding and I had to really watch what I did when I was turning.”

The same thing happened to senior Katelynn Cody on Old St. Charles Rock Road.

“I don’t think I was going over 10 miles per hour and I stopped at a stop sign and the tail-end of my Honda Civic turned sideways.”

While Heinz was late to school, safety for her comes first.

“Go slow,” Heinz said when talking about driving in inclement weather. “Go really, really slow.”