Pirates sick of snow days

Zack Balzer

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Productive Ways To Survive The Snow Days

After a snow day on Tuesday, Jan. 21, students and teachers at Pattonville High School returned back to school on Wednesday, but the bad weather may be back soon.

The already-fallen snow and biting cold may not be enough as it is predicted that St. Louis will get even more snow and ice on Wednesday night which may affect school on Thursday.

It is the fifth time the district has canceled school due to inclement weather. The district builds six snow days into the official calendar.

Many students enjoy the snow days, but a lot of them are sick and tired of being called off so often.

“At the beginning of the semester, I liked having the snow days so we could have some extra days added to the winter break, but toward the end of break and now, I just want to get back to school and I don’t like getting the call at 5:30 a.m.,” senior Matthew Novack said about the snow days.

While students have mixed feelings about the snow days, teachers and administrators also have different feelings about them.

“Maybe one or two snow days are OK, but all of these extra snow days are not OK,” front office secretary Patty Patrick said. “We might be watching the Fourth of July fireworks from the front office.”

The school district bases their decision for snow days on the amount of snow, and if the school buses can fit through the streets of neighborhoods. It also depends on how slick and icy the roads are, which can be affected by wind chill.

The last day of school is scheduled for June 2 but will end earlier if the six emergency days required by law are not used. The next canceled school day will be the sixth emergency day.

The weather forecast for tonight, Wednesday, Jan. 22, calls to be more biting cold and a wind chill of -20 degrees for the morning.

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Pirates sick of snow days