New ID Policy comes with higher cost

Conner Delles

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Pattonville High School ID

Pattonville High School ID

Since January 2013, students have been required to wear their school IDs. But many changes have been happening with the ID policy.

From the start of the policy, replacement IDs were just $2, but as of this semester there was a change in the price: The price was raised to $4 for a replacement ID.

The high price increase is not the only change that has happened. Students who have to get a replacement ID more than four times per semester are going to be put on a probation. The probation states that the next time a student has to get a replacement ID they will be issued an after-school detention.

According to Principal Jon Fitzgerald, the new ID policy was created over winter break and took place as soon as the second semester started.

“Already since the new semester started, there has already been a few dozen students who have received detentions or have been put on probation.”

There are reasons for the ID policy changes.

“We started this policy because we had students that were just constantly going to get new IDs every day,” Fitzgerald said.

Though being put on probation doesn’t necessarily mean students will be punished, because as long as the student knows to bring the ID and does not go and get a new ID for the rest of the semester, they will not be punished.

“The new change is helping students be prepared for school and is also helping them save money by bringing their ID to school.”

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New ID Policy comes with higher cost