Athletes try to keep up with school and sports

Ross Reynolds

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Athletes at pattonville manage the stresses on and off the field and classroom

Athletes at Pattonville manage the stresses on and off the field and in the classroom.

When in high school, stress is always there with the amount of work piled on top of students. But is it possible to keep up with all this work and still play a sport?

Freshman soccer player Amanda Meyer said that she finds it difficult to be involved in sports and keep her grades up.

“I never have time to do any homework,” Meyer said. “And I’m always so tired afterward.”

Most Pattonville sports practices go until around 5 p.m. and can take a large chunk out of a student’s time to do homework and study. Managing time can become an important factor when faced with the stress of school and sports.

“I do my homework during class,” freshman water polo player Daniel Lafollette said when asked how he manages his time.

Although the struggle between juggling sports and work – and trying to manage that time can be tough – there are still ways to manage the little time students may have.

“I might try and procrastinate less and get my work done early,” said freshman track runner Olivia Wedig. “I might even try to start my homework right when I get home from practice.”

Being more organized and getting rid of distractions is also a great way to manage time wisely.

“I want to be able to be more organized with my school work,” Lafollette said.

Many students might find it difficult to stay involved with school functions, and try to keep up with homework and projects, but finding a way to manage time more wisely can cut down on the loads of stress.

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Athletes try to keep up with school and sports