Stop Day lets students plan for 2015-2016 classes

PattonvilleTODAY staff

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Stop Day Schedule

Stop Day is Tuesday, Feb. 17, and the day will be a modified A Day. Students will end their day in Pirate Connections to enter their class choices online.

All 9th, 10th and 11th grade students will participate throughout the day by reviewing and discussing courses offered to them next year in the different subject areas.

The course description book is available online

Students will be filling out pre-registration forms from 1st hour through 7th hour. Some teachers must sign-off on the subject if the class requires a pre-requisite or teacher recommendation.

In Pirate Connections at the end of the day, students should use their credit sheets and career paths to finish selecting their courses for next year. Students should make sure all class spots are filled and include two alternate classes.

The top copy of the registration form must be returned to the counseling office at the end of the day. Students can keep the yellow copy to share with their parents or put it in their Pirate Connections folder if they need to finish entering the information on Thursday – a normal C day.

Counselors will go through social studies classes to complete the pre-registration process. During these meetings, counselors will meet with each student to discuss individual credits and graduation requirements. This will begin Wednesday, Feb. 25.