Middendorf prepares for final season as head volleyball coach

PattonvilleTODAY staff

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Ms. Becky Middendorf applauds the 2016 seniors as they are recognized during the girls' volleyball senior night.

Ms. Becky Middendorf applauds the 2016 seniors as they are recognized during the girls’ volleyball senior night.

By Sarah Ponder

Pattonville’s varsity volleyball coach Becky Middendorf has announced to players that she is retiring from coaching after the boys’ spring season.  She has been the varsity coach for the boys and girls since 2003.

“I’m retiring because of family obligation,” Middendorf said. “I don’t have the time to coach like I used to.”

Since Middendorf announced her retirement, the search for a new coach is on.  The job has been posted for a few months now and new potential coaches are being interviewed.

“Even though I don’t get to choose the new coach myself, we’re looking for somebody who knows the game well and someone who can relate to the players, someone energetic and excited about the game,” Middendorf said.

Middendorf also does not know when a new coach will be hired.

“The position has been posted for a view months now, but I hope they will wait until the summer and really evaluate the options of potential coaches,” Middendorf said. “We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Since Middendorf has been coaching for a long time at Pattonville, she recounted her favorite memories as a coach.

“I really liked the years that we won in conference, and the years where we were competitive in districts.”

Junior Aloni Jordan was recalling memories with her coach and mentioned what she would like to see in a future coach.

“I’ve only been on the team for one season, but I liked how she always wanted the best for us and pushed us to be better,” Jordan said. “For a new coach, I would like to see someone who is determined and smart and someone who knows the game well.”

Middendorf’s final season as being a varsity coach will be this spring with the boys’ team. The season begins on Feb. 29 when the boys’ volleyball tryouts start.