VIDEO Course introductions for students making final registration decisons

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VIDEO Course introductions for students making final registration decisons

PattonvilleTODAY staff

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The PowerSchool portal for entering course requests will close after Homeroom on Thursday, Feb. 9. If you need more information about available classes, check out the course introductions that students in Photojournalism created.

Counselors will begin meeting with students on an individual basis next week to discuss their schedules and to complete the registration process.

THEATRE Students can enroll in Introduction to Theatre and earn one-half of their required Fine Art credit. After that course, students have options to register for other classes taught in the theatre department at the high school.

ORAL COMMUNICATIONS Students can enroll in Oral Communications to get their required speech component which is needed in order to graduate. Other courses are available to students to earn their speech component, but all students must fulfill that requirement before graduation by taking one of the offered courses.

PERSONAL FINANCE Student can take Personal Finance, which is a required course for graduation. They also have many other options when it comes to available classes taught in the business department.

PE Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors can enroll in Team Sports for a PE credit. After freshman take 9th Grade PE, they have many options for a second elective in PE. Health is also a required course for all students to take in order to graduate.

JOURNALISM Students have many options if they want to be a part of the journalism program at Pattonville. Students can sign up for Introduction to Journalism or Photojournalism which are semester-long introductory courses, or can be a part of the year-long production courses: Pirate Press Newspaper, Echo Yearbook, or Pirates Sports Net, the brand-new sports journalism course.

GOVERNMENT All students must take Government in order to graduate from high school. Students have two options: Government or AP Government.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE Students interested in taking a foreign language at Pattonville High School can enroll in Spanish, French or German.

ART Students interested in art can take Drawing I and other courses in the department in order to earn their Fine Art credits required to graduate from Pattonville High School.