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STUCO Store open for business

September 7, 2017

Daniel Shor, STUCO Store manager, serves coffee to student.

If students are ever dying for a snack before school or crave a coffee to wake them up in the morning, then the STUCO Store is the place to go.

The STUCO Store is a unique shop run by the Student Council organization. It is located below the Commons, across from the Activity Center and is well-known for its affordable bottled drinks and snacks.

The most popular item in the store is its hot or iced coffee, which comes in two flavors.

Daniel Shor, manager of the STUCO Store, stresses to get to the store early.

“The line to get coffee can seem endless some mornings,” Shor said. “Some days it’s all the way out the door.”

He also brings to attention that a common misconception is that students can use their IDs to buy items. Only cash is allowed; it goes to benefit school-sponsored activities and scholarships.

The store is doing well, but Shor hopes to make it prosper in the future.

“I’ve been talking with other STUCO members, and we think it might be a good idea to start selling pencils and other school supplies,” he said. “We are trying to implement technology in STUCO as best as we can to make everything more efficient.”

Student Council encourages creative and positive people to join STUCO; they are looking for people that can help during all lunch shifts. Listen for announcements and look for posters for ways to get involved.

The store opens at 7 a.m. Monday through Friday and is open during all lunch shifts.

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