Sam Shull is stealing the show

Alonna Gibson and Madison Brown

Many students at Pattonville are involved in multiple clubs, sports, or activities. Senior Sam Shull has been involved in the arts his whole high school career. This school year, he is enrolled in Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble, Music Theory, and Chamber Choir. Shull decided to expand from just band to choir, and even joined the musical. His first year in choir, he snagged a spot in the Chamber Choir, was casted as the lead in the school musical, and then found out that he is the No. 1 drummer in the state.

This year, the Pattonville theatre department is putting on the production Beauty and the Beast. After Shull’s first audition and callback, he waited for the results and was not disappointed.

“I was in the car driving when I heard that the results were posted and I checked and I was shocked. I was just like, ‘Whoa, I’m the Beast!'”

To add on to that excitement, Shull got the news that he was No. 1 in the state for drumming.

“I was so excited and happy when I found out I got No. 1 in the state,” he said. “It’s unreal.”

These achievements don’t just happen on their own, it took hard work and passion.

“I played as much as I could and played gigs with this crappy rock band and I just played wherever and whenever I could.”

With all of these activities after school, time management is a big thing for him.

“It’s tough managing time,” Shull said. “I wish I managed it better because my grades suffered a little bit but it wasn’t too bad.”

To get to this point and to have this much success feels good. But it took a lot of time and preparation.

“I learned a lot in high school,” he said. “I have been inspired by many teachers and students helping me along the way and I feel like I’m very prepared to become a music major in college.”