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Ms.Brooke Callan

Ms.Brooke Callan

Ms.Brooke Callan

Meet new teacher: Ms. Brooke Callan

Ms.Brooke Callan

Students sitting in Ms. Brooke Callan’s class might be inspired to do something in addition to their math homework like Callan was when she was in school.

“I had a teacher in high school that inspired me to want to impact students in their future and to decrease the students’ math anxiety.”

Callan knew from high school that she wanted to be a math high school teacher.

“You guys might think I’m crazy, but I always knew math was for me,” she said. “A big goal is to show the students how to enjoy math and to help them with their math anxiety.”

Callan has always known that she wanted to impact students with her ways of teaching math. She does this in her lessons by involving math into real life situations and also by having good relationships with her students.

Coming in as a new teacher, Callan is confident, but does have one fear.

“You never know how the year is going to go,” she said. “The first day I knew that I had to hit the ground rolling.”

A message that she would want her students to know is: “Always believe in yourself and never give up.”


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