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Meet new teacher: Ms. Mary Cradick

Meet new teacher: Ms. Mary Cradick

Some unexpected changes can lead to amazing circumstances.

Ms. Mary Cradick graduated from Pattonville in 2011 and absolutely loved it.

She loves the sense of community and family that Pattonville has to offer to students and teachers alike.

When she attended school at Pattonville, Cradick loved her history teacher, Mr. Ryan Brueckmann, because she enjoyed his class and always had fun.

Cradick said that she’d like to improve on Pattonville by continuing to “make it feel like a community, and like home.”

She loves her family and is close with her parents and sister, which is something that drew her back to the area.

“I also have a puppy named Remington, after Remington Traditional School.”

After high school, she attended the University of Central Missouri, and wasn’t planning on being a teacher, but after helping her younger sister out with her AP Statistics class, she was drawn to it.

She teaches math and computer science classes and has already made plans for the future.

She’d like to “hopefully improve the computer science department, [and] make it a little bit bigger.”

Cradick chose to teach at the high school level because she enjoys the maturity it brings.

“Little kids are cute, but only for like a day.”

She loves soccer, basketball and softball and said that she would coach one of those sports here, if given the opportunity.

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