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Meet new teacher: Ms. Lisa Craig

Ms. Lisa Craig, a new SSD teacher at Pattonville High School, grew up with a bunch of friends and was an athlete, so she had to be good at relationships. She carries that mindset into her new role in the classroom.

“Building a positive relationship or rather just a meaningful relationship with the kids is very important,” she said. “It is the key.”

Craig originally wanted to be an athletic trainer in life and even she got a degree in Exercise Science. She was an athletic trainer around various high schools in St. Louis County but then life changed for her. She worked in a daycare and then became a para for 8 years in another school district before getting her masters degree in teaching in order to make a bigger impact in education.

She loves working with kids now, watching them grow and really seeing a difference she can make in them.

Craig said she has challenges with the kids, but it’s a matter of talking to the kids and helping them in any way possible whether it is work related or a real-life situation.

She focuses on both the kids’ strengths and weaknesses because she can use their strengths to push the kids forward.

A personal strength for her as a teacher is she makes the class fun by using humor and games to make the class enjoyable for the students.

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