Houghtaling is this week’s Pirate Code Staff Winner


Ms. Houghtaling wins the Pirate Code award for the week.

Imani Warren, Writer

“This is such an honor,” science teacher Ms. Jessica Houghtaling said after finding out she was this week’s Pirate Code Staff Winner. “I have the most respectful, responsible, and involved students.”

Houghtaling gave freshman Jacob Crain the winning Pirate Code ticket because she admires how he leads others and pushes them to be better. She said helpful students like Crain make class easier. Classes are more responsible for their learning when certain students lead the way.

She chose Crain to receive a Pirate Code ticket because he is consistently being extremely helpful by guiding his neighbors, cleaning after others, and working well with his group.

When asked what set certain students apart from others, Houghtaling said, “Their internal motivation. They’re not doing it for recognition, they’re doing it because they feel it in their heart.”

Pirate Code winners continue to lead the way for other students to be better and reach their potential. They inspire and invoke change among groups, small or large. Jacob Crain is no exception, accomplishing this and more.

After students are caught being a Pirate and doing the right thing, they can receive a Pirate Code ticket from a faculty or staff member. After putting their ticket in one of the Pirate Code boxes around school, a winner is picked every Friday.

Every week, a different Pirate Code Staff Member of the Week will be selected from the Pirate Code tickets that students have turned in.

Remember the Pirate Code. Be Respectful. Be Responsible. Be Involved.