Should the day after the Super Bowl be a day off of school?

Jacob Whittinghill

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The Super Bowl is played every year to determine the NFL’s champion. This year’s game was a disappointment to say the least as the New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams, 13-3.

One of the most-watched events every year has a TV audience of around 100 million people glued to their screens on a Sunday night to see who will win the game.

Considering how many people watch the game in its entirety and then maybe stay up late to watch the post-game coverage, the question I wondered was “Should school the day after the Super Bowl be canceled?” I was going to ask students that question, but let’s be honest, they would all have the same answer, so I asked six teachers what they thought of that question instead.

English teacher Ms. Natalie Barge “As much as I love watching the Super Bowl, I still think we should have school because you don’t have to watch it.”

History teacher Mr. Justin Smiley “Yes, if more than 75 percent of the people in this building can squat 75 percent of their body weight.”

History teacher Ms. Jacqueline Saxton suggests “the Super Bowl should be on a Saturday.”

PE teacher Ms. Lanee Hasenkamp “No, because it’s not a national holiday.”

History teacher Mr. David Gross “No, because the Super Bowl was terrible. The game was bad, the ads were bad; let’s go to school.”

Journalism teacher Mr. Brian Heyman “No, unless the hometown team won. Since we don’t have a team, it doesn’t matter. But if the Blues or Cardinals win a championship, then let’s cancel school and let the students go to the parade.”