Sharma tries new sport senior year

Brandon Clark, Sports Writer

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Some of the boys spring sports can be extremely popular such as baseball, volleyball, and track and field, that people often forget that the school also has a boys tennis team.

Last year’s tennis team had under 10 players and the team mostly consisted of students from the Class of 2018 including foreign exchange student Ezra Jakob of Antwerp, Belgium. The team was worried about having enough players for the 2019 season, but the coaches and players did a great job advertising the sport and the team has 20 players for this upcoming spring season.

Most of these athletes are seniors and first-time tennis players trying to find a sport to play during their last semester of high school for fun, but also to try to earn a varsity letter.

One of these first-time players is Amish Sharma who is a senior that will be attending Northwestern University this fall in Evanston, Illinois.

“I joined the tennis team because I really wanted to gain experience of another sport,” he said. “I had a little idea of what to expect because of my experience with Wii tennis, but honestly it doesn’t hurt to try another sport.”

He won’t be alone on the team already knowing most of his teammates.

“Especially when the team consists of my friends that I’ve known for the past seven years.”

When people go into a new sport and don’t know what to expect, they may be nervous, but not Sharma.

“My confidence level is really high because I’ve been adapting to the play style much faster than I ever would have expected.”

He even compared tennis to a team sport

“It’s much more like volleyball but just smaller and you have to hit it with a racket.”

Sharma played two years of volleyball on the junior varsity team for the high school but decided to leave the game after he was injured in his second season.

The team is incredibly excited for the upcoming season and cannot wait to serve their opponents.