K-pop performers begin final preparations for International Club Show

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K-pop performers begin final preparations for International Club Show

Jadyn Graves, Photographer

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The International Club has been preparing for its annual show that highlights the cultural diversity in the high school. On April 10 during 7th hour, the students will present a fashion show, vocal performances, instrumental pieces, and dances.

Since January, students Jadyn Graves (10), Dorothy Martin (9), Steven Mackenberg II (10), and Jameka Thomas (9) have been learning and cleaning up their performance of four Korean pop dances. The songs they’ll be performing combine elements of western EDM with Blackpink’s ‘Ddu-ddu-du’, smooth beats with Chung Ha’s ‘Gotta Go’, BTS’ RM, Suga and J-Hope’s hip-hop inspired ‘Ddaeng’, and lastly BTS’s ‘Idol,’ a song that combines Korean and African instruments.

This is Mackenberg’s first time performing in the show.

“I really like to dance and I enjoyed going to the practices last year,” he said.

It’s also Thomas’ first time being a part of the show.

‘I love K-pop and Dorothy wanted me to do it.”

This will be Graves and Martin’s second International Show performance as they were in 2018’s K-pop performance. Now as veterans, both of them are helping the others with the choreography, but Martin is the verified leader.

“Sometimes it’s kinda difficult to get everybody in one place at one time and it’s difficult to not be selfish and do my thing instead of adapting to everyone else, but it’s easier now that we’re close to the end.”

Graves seemed enthusiastic for the show.

‘It’s my second show and I’m excited to be doing it again although I miss the girls from last year.”

As the show gets closer, the group began practicing in the auditorium to adapt to the stage, which is way bigger than the pool room floor. The group’s chemistry is apparent in the way they perform as when one messes up, they steal a glance at the other and both laugh it off before getting back into the dance.

If you would like to see how the finished product of all their hard work looks, then get a pass to come to the International Club Show on Wednesday, April 10, during 7th hour. Not only will you get to see the group’s amazing dance moves, but also dance performances of other students’ cultures and a fashion show displaying pieces from a variety of regions.