Voting for Prom Court is now open


Brandon Clark and Journee Bond

“I’m on it?” said the startled senior Isaiah Wilkes when he found out he was nominated for the 2019 Prom Court.

Prom court voting is taking place April 4-5 on the Moodle under the HotSpot. Students must be signed into their Pattonville Gmail account in order to vote.

As the month of April opens, Pattonville High School students begin to think about the big dance. Several students are also thinking about the chance to be on the Prom court and the opportunity to be named the 2019 king or queen.

To be eligible for prom court at Pattonville, students are first nominated by the teachers rather than the students to create a non-popularity type event that has a non-bias vote. Each student must get three separate votes in order to be eligible for the court.

Then a student online vote is conducted to choose finalists and a potential winner.

Senior Meaghan Pace was excited to be nominated.

“I thought it was really cool because I’ve never been on it before and a lot of my friends are on the court this year so that should be a pretty cool experience,” Pace said.

Wilkes was in shock, but he is excited about the opportunity.

“It made me feel good that my teachers gave me the opportunity to be on the prom court,” Wilkes said. “I’m looking forward to eating the dinner at the dance more than anything else.”

The dance will be held on May 3 at the Westport Sheraton and this year’s theme is ‘A Night in the Enchanted Forest.’ Tickets go on sale April 5 and will be $65 until April 18. The price goes up to $70 if tickets are purchased April 22-26. Guest permission forms will be available March 11 through April 18.

Nominees for Prom Court

Senior Prom Court- Boys (Select 2) *
  1. Will Polster
  2. Jacob Wilfong
  3. TJ Henderson
  4. TJ Simer
  5. Mason Murphy
  6. Isaiah Wilkes
  7. Alex Newett
  8. Alexander Perez
  9. Marius Ignat
  10. Sam Sanderson
  11. Jefferson Lopez
  12. Amish Sharma
Senior Prom Court- Girls (Select 2) *
  1. Makayla Harden
  2. Aliza Ahmed
  3. Hannah Schamber
  4. Marissa Ruggiero
  5. Leslie Azwell
  6. Laura Harder
  7. Kendall Battle
  8. Bianca Johnson
  9. Lauren Brewer
  10. Kesley Kobielusz
  11. Da’Viona Bonner
  12. Meaghan Pace
  13. Trinity Wessler
Junior Prom Court- Boys (Select 2) *
  1. Adam Kendrick
  2. Kyle Hubbs
  3. Jack Goetz
  4. Thomas McFarland
  5. Rodney Wallace
  6. Terrell Sanderson
  7. Harith Al Yuwaili
  8. Gabe Furr
  9. Daniel Risher
Junior Prom Court- Girls (Select 2) *
  1. Nicole McDaniel
  2. Kathryn Wentz
  3. Erika Sanchez
  4. Sofia Serra
  5. Hannah Rodgers
  6. Keeley Peters
  7. Momo Kikuchi
  8. Emily Schrumpf
  9. Aisha Alvi
  10. Claire Willhite