Croney Cruises

PattonvilleTODAY staff

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Rachel Croney is a senior at Pattonville High School. While she does not have a job, she just got her first car.

What was it like getting your first car? “I was very excited because I finally had my own way of transportation.”

What kind of car do you have? “Hyundai Tiburon.”

Is it hard keeping up on payments? “With my new car, my parents do the payments, but it’s usually up to me to manage my own gas.”

Do you think your parents are more strict with you now that you have a car? “Not really. I just have to let them know when and where I’m going, and my curfew is always midnight.”

Do your parents make  you run errands for them? “Yes! All the time! I always have to pick my siblings up or drop them off somewhere.”