Goetz selected to Prom court

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Goetz selected to Prom court

Bethany Logwood

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Jack Goetz was chosen as one of the junior court nominees for 2019 prom. He was really excited when he heard that he had got selected, even though he didn’t get to hear his name over the intercom.

“I didn’t realize what was going on until someone in my class said congratulations.”

He said his friends and family were really happy for him when they found out he was a nominee.

Goetz came up with two ways to get a lot of people to vote for him.

“I just asked them to vote for me please and I posted on my story so my friends could vote for me.”

He wanted to be a nominee because he thought it’d be interesting to get on court and be one of the juniors to be involved in it. Although he didn’t think he was going to win this, he will try again his senior year. If he is named King, he has a big way to celebrate.

“I will dance on the court.”

One way he will try to get votes his senior year is by trying to win people over by giving people brownies.

Goetz doesn’t like dressing up much, but he said he plans to wear a really funny suit for prom.

“I’m only doing it because I’m on court.”

Prom was May 3 at the Westport Sheraton. Tickets were on sale for $65 and increased to $70.