And the Award Goes To…


Kenneth Gordon III nominated for film award through On The Set Summer Film Camp. He will be invited to the premiere of the film Unity at Harris Stowe State University.

Lillian Lofland, Contributing Writer

Pattonville is proud to announce that one of its students has been invited to the premiere of the student directed and produced film UNITY presented by the On The Set Summer Film Camp.

On The Set Summer Film Camp is a non-profitable organization that teaches filmmaking to youths. Kenneth Gordon III took part of this group over the summer. He explains, “It was two weeks in June. We had seven kids who didn’t really know each other and made a movie. I thought that we were just having fun, I didn’t know it would turn into something big and exciting.”

Gordon will attend the premiere of the film at Harris Stowe State University. This event will recognize all of the efforts of the students, give a behind the scenes view of their activities, and provide the community a chance to view a student directed film. 

When Gordon was asked how he felt about the competition, he said, “I was very surprised to have been nominated. I didn’t know that this was for an award. I was just having fun. I’m very excited to go to the premiere and see the film.” 

Gordon has been nominated for an award for this film and faces tough competition, but he feels confident in his film. Opportunities like this give students reasons to be involved with others and provide them the chance to make something meaningful.