Catherine Farrell is a senior at Pattonville

Catherine Farrell is the middle child in a family of five, she just recently got into an accident in which her car was totaled and she also has the life-long dream of marrying her celebrity crush of Justin Bieber. Here are some more questions to get to know Catherine Farrell…

Q: What is the last picture that you took with your phone?

A: “The last picture that I took was a picture of my AP Government book.”

Q: What was the last lie that you told?

A: “Yeah, I did my homework.”

Q: What was the most outrageous prank that you have ever done?

A: “I convinced my friend, Melina Custer, that I dropped out of school.”

Q: Would you lie to a courtroom judge to save your best friend from going to jail for life? Why?

A: “Yeah I would, and I would do it because she’s my homie.”

Q: Are you willing to eat a bowl full of dead crickets for $40,000?

A: “Yeah I would because that is a lot of Chipotle money!”

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