Heidi Lanham and Valerie Guetschow work in the nurse’s office located in the main office of the high school.

Feeling sick? Getting injured? Needing medicine?

Heidi Lanham and Valerie Guetschow are the school nurses and are located in the main office and are available any time during the school day.

“We really don’t have an address or room number,” Lanham said. “We’re just located in the Main Office.”

But like a classroom, certain expectations and rules need to be followed.

“We like kids to come down with their ID and passes, that way we know for sure we are charting the right student and giving the right medicine to the right kids,” Guetschow said.

With over 1,600 students enrolled at the school, the nurses see more than 600 students each week.

“About 120 kids come down every day,” Lanham said. “And kids still ask me if I ever get bored. No, I do not.”

The school nurses do more than just give out icepacks and medication.

“We can give Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and Tum with a parent signature,” Lanham said. “We also take care of students with injuries and diabetes.”

But not everything about the job is easy.

“We are also called when a student is in a crisis due to a seizure or severe injuries,” Guetschow said.

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