In Academic Lab, there is a variety of students. Some use their time wisely and work hard, while others sleep or talk to friends.

“Ac. Lab is a blessing and a curse,” Brooke Jenkins said. “It’s a blessing because all the work that I didn’t get to finish the night before, I get to finish in Ac. Lab, but it’s a curse because it puts me under a lot of pressure to pass all of my other classes or I won’t have enough credit next year.”

Academic Lab is a class students can take during their seven class schedule but they do not receive any credit for the course.

“I love Ac. Lab because all my friends are in it and if I don’t have any work to do, I talk to them and look up shoes,” Jenkins said. “I’m not taking an Ac. Lab next year.”

Other people on the other hand don’t use their time so wisely.

“I usually don’t do anything in this class other than talk to my friends,” Jeffery Lee said. “I mean, I guess I should be doing homework so I don’t have to do it at home, but I’d rather just relax and hangout with my friends. My favorite part of this class is that we can talk and I’m definitely going to take an Ac. Lab again next semester.”

Mr. Marcus Christian is a history teacher that supervises an hour of Academic Lab.

“Ac. Lab is as beneficial as you make it to be,” Christian said. “Most of my upperclassmen have realized that this class is here to help you and they take advantage of the option, unlike freshmen who tend to slack off and sleep, but they will realize sooner or later to start taking advantage of a class that helps you. Ac. Lab can really help your grades if you take advantage of it and it’s definitely worth not getting a credit for because you get to make all your other class grades higher so you don’t need another credit.”

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