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Terms of Agreement: This contract, once signed by both parties, shall constitute a binding agreement. Either party may break this contract through written notification. This contract and payment must arrive at Pattonville High School before being included in the publication. The Pirate Press and ECHO staffs may review or reject any copy or illustration that does not meet the standards of acceptance. No advertisements for products illegal for the majority of high school readers will be accepted. When an advertisement contains an error which is not the fault of the advertiser, the liability of the Pirate Press will be a correct insertion. The correction must be published in the next issue following the error. Advertisers can submit business cards or pre-designed ads for placement. Sketches can be submitted as a guide as a Pirate Press and ECHO staff member can typeset and design all ads for free if so desired. All patrons and business partners will receive a copy of the newspaper. All ads printed directly into the newspaper are printed in black and white. If you have a pre-designed ad, email submission of that ad is preferable. We accept .jpg, .tiff, and .pdf formats with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Please email your ad to Questions may be directed to Brian Heyman, journalism adviser.