Kaitlyn Kelly stars as Hannah, a servant in the March household, in the fall play, Little Women.

As the showtime date for the play is coming fast, sophomore Kaitlyn Kelly is thrilled and ready for it all to begin.

The high school theatre department will be performing Little Women and Kelly is overjoyed to be able to perform.

“This is my first play actually on stage, so it’s exciting to be performing in front of people.”

Last year, Kelly had a role as a voice of a character talking up in the box during last year’s play, The Family Man, but never went on stage. She also performed in last year’s musical, Cinderella but had no speaking parts. She is ready for her role this year, with lines on stage.

“I am [going to be playing the role of] Hannah, she is a housemaid.”

She hopes to see her friend’s and family’s faces smiling in the crowd, during the show.

Kelly loves when she sees people enjoying the show because, “I know that I am actually good at this and the audience enjoys watching me and what I like to do.”

Tickets can be bought the night of each show. Shows and times are Oct 13-15 at 7 p.m. each night. Student tickets are $4  and Adult tickets are $6 each.

Kelly encourages everyone to go see the show.

“Just come, you’ll have a great time,” Kelly said. “You’ll laugh and you’ll cry and you’ll love it.”

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