Henry Behlmann participates in Issues in Education on KTRS 550 with a roundtable that featured educational leaders, teachers and students discussing creativity and innovation.

Issues in Education broadcasted live from the 2017 METC Conference on Feb. 14 featuring a roundtable discussion with educational leaders, teachers and students discussing creativity and innovation in the classroom. The show was recorded in the St. Charles Convention Center Main Lobby and aired on KTRS 550AM from 10 a.m. to noon.

Pattonville High School junior Henry Behlmann was a guest panelist during the second segment of the show titled “New Realities and Emerging Technologies.” He said the topic was mainly discussing the 1:1 ratio of kids to technology.

“Kids with devices in school benefit a lot from this exposure, and although there are some drawbacks, they are still able to expand with programs and learning capabilities,” Behlmann said.

Three different perspectives on the issue were present during his segment. Manuel Herrera, the coordinator of 1:1 programming in the Affton School District, Dr. Chris Kilbride, superintendent of Ritenour School District; and Dr. Eric Knost, superintendent of Rockwood School District, all presented with Behlmann, a student from Pattonville School District.

“It was nice to be able to talk to higher-ups and official people and talk as if we were peers,” Behlmann said “They didn’t look down on me because I am younger, instead they respected and listened to my opinions.”

Other segments covered Transforming Schools and Digital Citizenship.

Behlmann said that every student at the high school is given a MacBook Air for educational use, but some of the drawbacks of every student having a device include distractions. He said that some of the things that were mentioned included students playing games instead of paying attention to the classwork. But to allow students to focus on their interests, it was stated that it would be beneficial to have students start making their own games. They would then be able to play games that were made by their friends and they would then have the knowledge of creating a game.

Behlmann feels that every student at Pattonville having technology is a good idea.

“Nowadays, kids learn through technology and are addicted to the computer, so why not take advantage and give them different aspects of it.”

By Erykah White and Katie Basta

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