pattonville-swimWhen the 2016-17 girls’ swim and dive team tryouts started on Nov. 7, there was anticipation and hopefulness in the water. Some of the returning swimmers share their opinions and thoughts about the new season.


  • Felicity Tso, senior
  • Lexi Lambros, sophomore
  • Becky Kaufman, junior

1. What were your feelings for the season to start last week?

Tso: “I was pretty excited for the season to start, although I was a little nervous just to get into the routine of things.”

Lambros: “I was excited for the season because I got to see all my friends who swam last season.”

Kaufman: “Yes, I was very excited and ready to swim.”

2. How did this last week go? Was it hard to get back into it?

Tso: “Last week was good. I think all of the girls enjoyed it and it was exciting to get into the routine, but practice is going well.”

Lambros: “Last week was hard getting back into the routine of swimming every day, but it was also fun seeing all of the returning and new people.”

Kaufman: “It was pretty easy and I was ready because I have been swimming for my club team during the fall.”

3. Do you have any goals for this season?

Tso: “My goal is to go sub-minute on the 100 freestyle and get 1:10 on the 100 backstroke.”

Lambros: “I want to work hard on and improve on my swimming.”

Kaufman: “My goal is to drop 6 seconds in breaststroke.”

4. Is there anything different or new about this season that you are happy, sad, excited about?

Tso: “I’m really excited to see all of my friends again and all of the new people.”

Lambros: “Well, Coach Anna Braswell is on maternity leave, so Coach Ashley Haar is the head coach for now and her style of coaching is different, but we all really like her.”

Kaufman: “No, we usually have a lot of freshman at the beginning of the seasons, so it was not very surprising to see a lot of them this year.”

5. Have you been able to manage your school work and practice schedule since it is time consuming and a big difference from having nothing to do after school and now staying until 5 p.m. every day?

Tso: “It’s different going straight to practice, rather than going home, but it gives me something to do after school and I really have to work on my homework after school.”

Lambros: “It’s hard managing school and practice because it takes up so much time and energy but you get used to it.”

Kaufman: “Yeah, managing school wasn’t too difficult because I have marching band in the fall, so I’m used to being busy.”

A very successful and fun season seems to be on the horizon with it kicking off on Dec. 2 with a home meet against Francis Howell North.

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