Activities Coordinator Mr. Bob Hebrank speaks to students and parents about athletics and activities during the 8th Grade Curriculum Night.

Pattonville hosted Curriculum Night for 8th graders to learn about the different courses the high school offers on Jan. 25.

The evening started at 7 p.m. in the gymnasium with guest speakers and performances by the band, cheerleaders and drill team.

During the assembly, Activities Coordinator Mr. Bob Hebrank talked about how to succeed in the first year of high school.

“We talked about getting involved in sports and activities freshman year and how important it is,” Hebrank said. “We also spoke about how to stay involved once you are here and the different requirements you have to meet to remain involved.”

Current freshmen, sophomores and juniors and their parents were also invited to attend the high school’s Curriculum Night.

During the event, information about AP and College Credit classes, expectations for students in advanced classes, and the benefits of advanced classes were given to all students and parents that attended.

At about 7:50 p.m., students and parents went to the cafeteria and Commons to begin visiting booths.

Journalism teacher Mr. Brian Heyman said he enjoys Curriculum Night because he gets to talk to incoming students and parents about his classes.

“It’s a great time to give information about classes that are offered starting with their freshman year,” Heyman said. “There are so many courses available at the high school and nights like this are better than just trying to read about the classes in the course book.”


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