The results are in for the freshman class officers and the winners are:

  • President – Ayana Griffin
  • Vice President – Grant Wedig
  • Secretary – Emily Schurmpf
  • Treasurer – Will Basta

They all had many different reasons to run for office:

Griffin: “I felt like I could help our freshman class stand out especially with our homecoming float,” Griffin said. She is also involved in BSAAC and hopes to be a huge leader in the next few years in high school.

Wedig: “I ran because I am passionate about leadership roles in this school,” Wedig said.

Schrumpf said she didn’t have a real reason she ran, she mainly ran because Griffin told her to join.

Basta: “I saw it deals with money so I signed up,” Basta said about becoming treasurer.

Many of the officers are already very involved in the school with sports and clubs and are doing this to add on to their involvement.

“It’s pretty cool that all of those freshman got elected because they all have older siblings that I know, and one is my sister,” senior Abigail Schrumpf said. Griffin is the only one that doesn’t currently have a siblings at Pattonville.

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