The freshmen team played two 6-on-6 games against each other at the annual Green and White game. After the freshman match, the junior varsity and varsity played two matches against each other. The first match was to 25 points and the second was to 15 points.

The girls’ volleyball team served up the start of the season with its annual Green and White game on Tuesday, August 18.

Freshman Megan Reese is one of the new varsity setters. After her very first Green and White game she said, “I am so excited for the season. I think we are going to do very well.”

Senior Cassie Callahan said they have many new faces on the varsity team this season.

“Once we all get used to each other and how we all play I feel like we will be a big competitor in the conference,” Callahan said.

Each team had its first home game on Friday, August 21, against Ladue.

“I am really excited for the first game and this season,” junior Kaytlyn Richmond said. “We work well as a team and we are all very excited to see what we can make of this season. I think the season is going to go well.”

Coach Brian Schwendemann has a positive outlook going into the start of the new year.

“I feel good about the season and feel that they have a good chance at a strong winning record this year.”

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