Former Pattonville math teacher Ms. Tammy Hasheider serves as the District Technology Specialist at the high school. She fills that roles for the second year, which entails helping and supporting the rest of the staff around the building with their use of technology.

“My goal with teachers is to help them develop lessons and units in their curriculum that effectively use technology to help students learn,” Hasheider said. “With administrators, I’m finding ways to help them effectively use technology within the building, with parents, with everything.”

When a staff member doesn’t know how to do something with their computer, they call her and she helps them figure it out.

“I really love it when teachers sit down and plan lessons with me, invite me into their classrooms, or have me work with their students,” she said. “I love these opportunities because I love teaching. I taught math for 12 years and I miss teaching it. When I get into a classroom and help kids, that is my strength, so I feel like I kind of thrive in that department.”

Her daily schedule is dependent on the other staff members and what they need help with in the classroom. Some days she’s in classrooms all day helping students with projects, other days she isn’t needed as often and works on projects of her own that she’s been asked to do.

“I have this running to-do list of things I have to do that most people don’t realize I have because I’m also in charge of our social media sites and our school websites,” Hasheider said.

She is needed more often in the beginning of the year to help set up everyone with laptops and in November because a lot of teachers decide to do projects with their students.

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