image1The inaugural issue of The Un-He(a)rd was distributed to English teachers at the high school and made available to students. It it the first issue of the new literary magazine.

“I like designs a lot, and I like literature, and I think it’s important for people to see that,” sophomore Yasaman Mostafavi, one of the visual editors for the magazine said. “My favorite part of being a part of the magazine is that I get to be creative. Students should submit their work because everybody’s going to see it. You don’t have to put your name on it; it can be anonymous. It’s called The Un-He(a)rd for a reason.”

The Un-He(a)rd is a literary magazine formed by a group of creative students expressing themselves through the written and visual word. The literary magazine’s name came from a herd of sheep, as shown in the logo printed on the cover of the magazine. It symbolizes herds of people that have heard and those that have not heard the works of writers and artists. The literary magazine covers a variety of art works, including poetry, artwork and prose. Student writers and artists are able to speak and express their creativity in the magazine that is planned to publish annually.

The magazine welcomes students’ creativity in all forms of art. Students can submit their own work to the email,

The no-longer-unheard-of magazine has copies available in every English classroom, or copies can be picked up from Ms. Jennifer Raymond in Room A214.

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