img_0219The Pattonville Biomedical Program honored 108 students as they walked across the stage in the auditorium on Thursday, Sept. 8, at the Biomedical Induction and White Coat Ceremony.

Lillian Nguyen was honored that night and is a senior enrolled in the class College Credit Medical Interventions.

“It was very rewarding walking across the stage with my white coat on,” Nguyen said. “My three years of working toward this moment paid off.”

The program begins with the class Principles of Biomedical Science, or PBS. These students investigate basic concepts of biology and medicine. At the ceremony, these first year students received the honor to recite the Biomedical Hippocratic Oath.

The second step in the program is Human Body Systems, or HBS. In this class students examine the interactions of human body systems and utilize their knowledge of medicine to solve real-world cases. These students received a T-shirt at the ceremony. They also recited the Oath at the end of the ceremony.

The third class offered is Medical Interventions, or MI. In this class students follow the life of a fictitious family and investigate how to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease. These students received their personalized white coats, which they can wear at school, and recited the Oath.

The fourth and final class is Biomedical Innovation, or BI. This is the most pressing class the program offers. Students design their own innovative solutions foe health challenges. These students received their own scientific notebook.

Students who received their white coats sported their personalized white coats at school the day after the ceremony, and will continue to wear their coats in class when performing labs.

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