CradickOn Dec. 12, 2014, junior Sarah Cradick ended the junior varsity basketball game with 19 points but left the varsity game with an ankle injury.

For the past two months, she has been sitting on the sideline and taking stats.

“I tore a ligament in the outside of my ankle and I have a bone contusion on the inside.”

From sitting on the sideline, Cradick said she has learned so much about the sport.

“It’s much easier to analyze the game from the sidelines instead of while playing,” Cradick said. “We could learn more if we listen to the people on the bench.”

Sophomore junior varsity guard Erykah White said the team isn’t as strong down low without Cradick.

“We have to work harder up top to rebound,” White said. “She watches the plays and is able to give us advice [from the bench]. It’s like having another coach. She is really helpful and is always cheering us on.”

Cradick takes stats for the junior varsity and varsity girls basketball teams.

“I keep track of assists, turnover, rebounds and points.”

Before the injury, Cradick was making a lot of stats. She was the team’s leading scorer, according to junior guard Tamera Shelton.

“We never doubted her ability in catching the ball and scoring,” Shelton said. “She wasn’t afraid to go to the basket or block shots. She contributed a lot to our team.”

Cradick has been going to physical therapy twice a week to strengthen her ankle for soccer season.

“I heat my ankle first and then do some stretching, balancing, and strengthening.”

What Cradick misses most about playing is running.

“I know it sounds silly,” Cradick said, “but I can’t wait until the day I can run with my team again.”



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