Juniors and seniors were invited during Homeroom to watch a live docudrama about the risks of drinking and driving on prom night.

“Operation Prom Safe” is a program that uses live performers, the police department and the fire department to stage a live showing of what could happen when someone drinks and drives. It was set up to model the step-by-step process the police and fire departments take to help the people who have gotten “hurt” and to deal with the person who caused the accident.

“It showed how a fun night could easily be changed by a bad decision,” said junior Chrystian Vaughn-Taylor. “I knew that drinking and driving is never more important than my safety but this just made it even more real.”

Senior Pirate Players from Thespian Troupe 1934 collaborated on the project hoping to impact 11th and 12th grade students with the life-like docudrama so they will make intelligent choices.

The prom couple was played by E.J Bush, who played the drunken driver and Emily Tobar, who played the deceased victim. The people in the other car were played by Sophie Vik, Abby Schnable, Abigale Rosebaugh and Morgan Stubblefield.

A lot of people were specifically shocked by Stubblefield’s reaction to the “crash.” She was noticed specifically because, while acting in the car with her friends, she was crying.

“Once you become an actor in prom safe, it all becomes real” said senior Morgan Stubblefield. “I was holding Abigale Rosebaugh’s hand waiting for the EMTs to come pull us out of the car and that’s when it felt real to me. I was in the backseat of a beat up car, next to people that I am close friends with, covered in blood and it felt so real that my brain didn’t realize it was an act. Your heart legitimately starts racing and your anxiety takes over. It was scary but worth it to show people how important it is not to drink and drive.”

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