Theresa Hake graduated from Pattonville High School in 1992. Her daughter, Alyssa, now attends the school and will graduate in 2014.

I go to the same high school as my mom. She graduated in 1993 and I am graduating in 2014. From the time that she went here and the time that I have and am going to attend Pattonville High School lots of things have changed. Since she has attended the school we have had about 5 different principals here at Pattonville. But there are also a lot of other changes,

As Hill said, “Everything, the teachers, the principals, lockers, the hallways and, mostly the technology.”  We have also added a pool and a new track, and we even re-did our library.  It would probably be a little difficult for her to be able to find her away around the school if she were to come walk around.

Even though it would be difficult Hill says, she would go back and that’s why she tried so hard for her kids to go there because it is such a great school.”

She said, “I love how many options are open to anyone and everyone and all the different clubs and sports. Even though there are so many different clubs and groups there are many clicks here today. There were also clicks when Hill attended also.

As Hill says, “There was cliques, you had your jocks, your preps, your nerds, etc.” Then she goes on to say that there were fights when she attended but they were real fights and they only used their fists and they didn’t use any guns, knives, or any kinds of dangerous weapons. Hill didn’t have to worry about having about 5 security guards in her school because she knew she would be safe. Hill says that there was not anything that she did not like about Pattonville, she says that it is an overall wonderful school and she would recommend this school to anyone.

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