Sophomore Nadia Maddex is anxiously anticipating this year’s annual Honors Choir Auditions.

This year, they will be held at Marquette High School from 8 a.m to 3 p.m. on October 3 and registration opens on September 28 for those participating in the auditions.

The process of auditioning includes a sight-reading portion, a vocal portion matching harmonies, and a key signature portion.

Maddex said she has been working extremely hard in class to perfect her sight-reading along with many of the other choir students awaiting these auditions.

Nadia Maddex discussing Honors Choir Auditions

Nadia Maddex discusses Honors Choir auditions with teacher Ms. Melynda Lamb.

“As a freshmen, I auditioned for honors choir not knowing what I was getting into, I didn’t expect half the things I had to do,” Maddex said. “Now I am way more prepared and can’t wait to kick off my choir year with, hopefully, an acceptance into honors choir.”

The highest score a performer can get at these auditions would be a “1” meaning that they were proficient in all the scoring categories.

“I have trained for this numerous times and I expect nothing but the best from myself,” Maddex said. “It should be a breeze.”

Many students practice their audition songs in choir and stay after with choir teacher Ms. Melynda Lamb for additional assistance.

Maddex has been interested in music and has been a dedicated member of choir since the age of 8.

At Holman Middle School, she was in the school’s highest intermediate choir and participated in music competitions such as Solo Small Ensemble year after year.

Last year, she began her first year at Pattonville in the Freshman Choir and really impressed Lamb with her talent. She is now a member of the Pattonville Treble Choir and plans to move on to Chamber Choir.

“Music has always been my passion and it is something I want to do for the rest of my life,” Maddex said. “I wish everyone enjoyed music as much as I do.”

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