Vadim Mamrenko controls the ball during a water polo practice in the Pattonville High School swimming pool.

Senior Vadim Mamrenko has worked hard the past two years to be on the varsity water polo team.

The sport has been called very difficult and Mamrenko puts forth the time and effort to master the sport.

For the past two years on the team, Mamrenko has played in the flat position.

“I’m pretty comfortable there,” Mamrenko said. “Staying out toward the center of the pool away from the 2-meter is the biggest worry besides completing passes and sending the ball into the 2-meter.”

Mamrenko didn’t know that he would enjoy water polo until Mr. Justin Smiley’s workouts introduced the sport to him.

“I didn’t play freshman year, but I went to Smiley’s workouts where he organized a workout with the water polo team,” Mamrenko said. “The coaches saw I was a natural with some of the movements so they tried to recruit me.”

Water polo is said to be a physically demanding sport, but Mamrenko has been working hard to succeed in it.

“For me, the worst part is probably the sprints because I don’t train for the fast things very often,” he said. “I think it’s the toughest team sport in the world; it feels good to know that you’re playing the hardest sport for a team to play.”

Mamrenko’s been participating in the sport going on three years now with a handful of his close friends.

“It’s fun but there’s a point where you have to balance out the goofing around and having fun and then actually getting to work and getting the actual practice in.”

Practices for water polo began on Feb. 22 and the season’s games will start soon.

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