New teacher Mrs. Giubardo teaches her 2nd hour Algebra 2 class.

New teacher Ms. Trista Giubardo teaches her 2nd hour Algebra 2 class.

She may be a new face in Pattonville, but she is as comfortable as the teachers that have been here for years because Ms. Trista Giubardo comes into teaching math at the high school with three years of experience.

“I chose to become a teacher because I had some great math teachers that made math fun to go to, and by becoming a teacher, I hoped I could do what my teachers did for me for other kids,” she said.

A graduate from Lafayette High School and Truman State University, Giubardo said that she hopes to get her masters in math in the future and to continue teaching at the high school level.

Giubardo said her Algebra 2 and Consumer Math classes this school year will have a positive atmosphere where she hopes people aren’t afraid to make mistakes and students are willing to help each other when needed.

She didn’t make the change from Marquette High School without having a little prior knowledge about where she was heading.

“I came to Pattonville because one of my co-workers had a kid that went to Pattonville and I heard great things about the district.”

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