Ms. Childs helps her student understand the lesson better.

Freshmen are not the only new faces that students and teachers will meet this year. Meet Ms. Kaitlin Childs, one of Pattonville’s new math teachers.

Childs is not originally from Missouri, but from Lake Oswego, Oregon, where she was raised. She moved to Missouri to get a degree in teaching.

“I’m from Lake Oswego, a city just outside of Portland, Oregon,” Childs said. “I graduated from Lake Oswego High School, then I moved to St. Louis to attend Maryville University to become a teacher.”

There may or may not be a reason for pursuing a career in something, but Childs has a reason of her own on why she decided to become a teacher.

“The reason why I became a teacher is because I love math and learning, plus I love being able to work with other people. The students at Pattonville are brilliant.”

There is so much around Pattonville that makes the school such a positive place to be. Some teachers have favorite things about the school that they like.

“I love that it feels like a family atmosphere and I love that I have so many different kinds of learners that bring strength to my classes.”

So far, Pattonville has made a great impression between the teachers and students, but it’s only been a week since school started. There are many more exciting events that will be going around the school during this year and these events have some teachers waiting.

“I’m really excited for assemblies, sporting events, concerts and other events, because I love school spirit.”

Not only will Childs be teaching math this year, but she will also be coaching the Pattonville girls’ basketball team.

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