Ms. Manship working hard to beat the talented.

Ms. Stacy Manship works at her desk in order to prepare a lesson for students in her math classes.

Ms. Stacy Manship came all the way from Texas to Missouri in order to teach at Pattonville and become a new math teacher. She teaches Algebra 1.1X, Geometry and ACT Prep.

When asked why she came all the way to Missouri to teach at Pattonville, she said. “Because I met with the superintendent and principal and I liked what they were doing for the school and the students, and I wanted to be a part of it.”

She became a math teacher because she was good at it and liked the subject. She added that she wants her students not to hate going to math class and actually enjoy it, like it and learn it.

While she lived in Texas, she went to J.M. Hanks High School in El Paso and then attended Concordia University.

“I went to Concordia University Texas,” Manship said. “Since there are a lot of Concordia Universitys, I have to say that I went to the one in Texas since that’s where I’m from.”




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