Senior, Roma Patel, drinking water after giving blood

Senior Roma Patel drinks water after giving blood at the NHS blood drive.

The National Honor Society hosted its annual blood drive on Friday, Oct. 21, in the low ceiling room. More than 50 students made the decision to donate blood.

The American Red Cross Association was at Pattonville during all hours accepting blood donations from both teachers and students.

“We are overwhelmed with the amount of students who are willing to give blood to help other people,” junior Lexi Taylor said.

Taylor was volunteering for the blood drive as a member of National Honor Society.

“It’s actually scary how many students were giving blood,” Taylor said. “I must say that they are really brave. I’m not sure if I would have what it takes to donate.”

One of the students giving blood was senior Roma Patel. This is her second year donating blood during the NHS blood drive.

“I really enjoy the concept of giving blood to people who need it,” Patel said. “I would rather be in a little discomfort for a few minutes to know that the blood I’m donating is going to someone who needs it and could potentially save their lives.”

Roma, although graduating this year, is planning on keeping the tradition of donating blood at least once per year.

“I will continue giving blood every year of my life, even in college, because I really like feeling like I made a difference.”

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