Rathwaan Al-gebory performs a rap during the talent portion of the 2015 Mr. PHS show. (file photo)

Rathwaan Al-gebory performs a rap during the talent portion of the 2015 Mr. PHS show. (file photo)

Sixteen guys will step onto the stage for a chance to earn the crown of Mr. PHS of Friday, Feb. 19.

The annual male pageant show sponsored by NHS consists of three parts: the runway competition, a question and answer session, and a talent performance.

Two contestants this year have prior experience in this contest. Senior Cole Mansell will be competing as Mr. Diving and he believes he carries an advantage going into the 2016 show.

“I’ve never seen a junior win, and I’m a seasoned veteran now so I have a little more experience and I think luck will be on my side,” Mansell said.

The other returning contestant is Rathwaan Al-gebory and he will be representing the water polo team. He is excited to show the crowd his talent performance.

“I feel that I’ve been more devoted to the program and to the event,” Al-gebory said. “I have more experience with it so I know what’s gonna go down. The hard work I’ve put in last year and this year should amount to something.”

With his newfound confidence, Mr. Water Polo can’t wait to unveil his talent performance

“It’s gonna make the crowd go crazy,” Al-gebory said. “That’s all I can say.”

The 14 other participants are first timers. One of which is junior Jacob Reese representing Pirate Code.

“I went to Mr. PHS freshman year so I kind of know what to expect,” Reese said. “I feel like it’s going to be a fun experience, especially because Max (Spitzmiller) and I are doing something together.”

Spitzmiller wasn’t too willing to give up a whole lot of information though.

“He doesn’t know what’s going on,” Spitzmiller said regarding their talent portion, but did leave a hint on what he may be doing for his talent portion: “I’ll give a shout out to Jimmy Fallon; he’s a good guy.”

The pageant takes place Friday, Feb. 19, at 7 p.m. and tickets for the event are $5.

All of the contestants are as follows:

  • Mr. AP Chemistry – Daniel LaFollette
  • Mr. Marching Band – Vadim Mamrenko
  • Mr. Jazz Ensemble – Ervin Dubo
  • Mr. Choir – Tyler Balk
  • Mr. Cross Country – Micah Thompson
  • Mr. DECA – Azim Djurav
  • Mr. Diving – Cole Mansell
  • Mr. HOSA – Nathan McClain
  • Mr. NHS – Cameron Barnes
  • Mr. Orchestra – Reginald Ewing
  • Mr. Pirate Code – Jacob Reese
  • Mr. Pirate Press – Kyle Rhodes
  • Mr. Pirate TV – Chris Gawat
  • Mr. Robotics Club – Josh Czopek
  • Mr. Speech and Debate – Mitchell Stringer
  • Mr. STUCO – Max Spitzmiller
  • Mr. Swimming – Xan Adams
  • Mr. Thespian – Bryce Pritchard
  • Mr. Volleyball – Hunter Collier
  • Mr. Water Polo – Rathwaan Al-gebory
  • Mr. Weight Room – Jack Wallis

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