Pattonville’s National Art Honors Society volunteers to go to Bridgeway Elementary School every Thursday to help new art teacher, Ms. Mollie Baumann.

This opportunity is open to all students in the National Art Honor Society and students Caleb Gardner, Mackenzie Deutsch, and Patrick Tramble have all volunteered to help out.

“It’s a community service opportunity for us,” said Deutsch, who is president of the National Art Honors Society. “We help her put up poster boards outside of her classroom, restock supplies, and just do anything that we can to help.”

The National Art Honors Society finds community service very important and are grateful that they are given the opportunity to encourage younger kids to pursue art in the future.

“By volunteering I feel like I can help art to spread, and inspire the younger ones,” Tramble said. “I like to tell them what’s cool about art.”

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