It is the struggle of the century right now for most of the Pattonville students with final exams, EOCs, and AP exams.

Each of these tests are very stressful causing most students to go into a panic, and most require weeks work of prepping to review everything from this semester.

Just one of these tests can take hours to prep for, and I know me being in multiple honor and AP classes, students have been going slightly insane and maybe have developed a caffeine addiction.

So why put the students through it more than once?

The same material is being reviewed and covered, shouldn’t the student body only be committed to going through the hectic study process one time?

Sure, students can study for both tests at the same time, but I know for me that my AP exams and finals are not near each other and are up to two weeks apart.

There are some cases in classes where if you take the AP exam or an EOC and pass, then you are exempted from the final. This is the more fair option as it reduces the amount of stress for students, but still tests them on everything they have been taught through out the semester.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure everyone will want to be exempted from a final, but isn’t one heart-wrenching test enough?

I could be completely off-margin here, and the finals serve a very valuable cause for review for the students to make sure they had learned something through out the year, but with AP exams and EOCs and sports, and prom, and so many other things on a high schooler’s plate, maybe it’d be better to just have one final review test.

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