IMG_4421After orchestra students returned from their trip to Boston, they shared their favorite parts of the trip:

Morgan Garner (12) My favorite part about Boston was the ferry ride with my best friends and the coolest teacher.” 

Breanna Stanfill (11)My favorite part of the Boston trip was Berklee, but most of all it was getting to experience such a great opportunity with my orchestra family. I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else.” 

Katie Stevens (10) My favorite part of the orchestra trip to Boston this year was riding the subway and walking around downtown Boston. It was very exciting seeing the tall buildings, also the atmosphere there is very different than in St. Louis. There’s a really strong city vibe, but I really enjoyed hanging out with my friends for the whole week.” 

Maiya Varner (10) “My favorite part about Boston was getting to see the diversity of people there and eating at delicious Italian restaurants.” 

Christie Jiang (10) “My favorite part of Boston was seeing an albino squirrel and seeing all the cool places with all the cool people.” 

Jasmine Webber (12) “My favorite part by far was Mike’s Pastries. It was a pleasant surprise when I called and discovered that they had gluten-free treats.” 

 Taityanna Beard (10) “My favorite part of Boston was being able to explore all the little different shops.”

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